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Genres: Music , Romance
Actors: Cliff Richard , Lauri Peters , Melvyn Hayes , Una Stubbs , Teddy Green , Pamela Hart , Jeremy Bulloch , Jacqueline Daryl , Madge Ryan , Lionel Murton , Christine Lawson , Ron Moody , David Kossoff , Wendy Barrie , Nicholas Phipps
Director: Peter Yates
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1963
IMDB Rating: 5.8/10 (626 votes)

A fabulous 60s Musical – 4 London Bus mechanics strike up a deal with London Transport. They do up a double decker London Bus, drive it around Europe as a hotel and if they make it they will own and be in charge of a whole fleet. While on the road in France they pick up 3 ladies whose car breaks down and offer to take them to their next singing job in Athens. They also pick up a stowaway. A young, American boy. Meanwhile, a young American female singer has gone missing. Her mother (who is a VERY ambitious woman) and her aid take the story to the press and it makes the front page. They do all they can to make the story run for as long as possible, including misdirecting the bus up an extremely steep Yugoslavian hill. We find out the young American boy is actually the young American girl who is missing. Mayhem ensues as the lead character, Don (Cliff Richard) falls for Barbara. Eventually, when the 8 bus riders reach Athens, they’re arrested for kidnapping. In front of her mother and a Ballroom filled with world-press, Barbara and Don declare their love for each other and the mother accepts (after realising how ‘big’ Don will become). When the film ends, all eight people are at a Grecian beach and very much enjoying their well deserved holiday!

Film Review

For 1963 this musical seems dated. Rock and Roll arrived in the mid fifties but a musical with actual melodic melody and literate lyrics in 1963 was definitely a throw-back. To be fair it probably aspired to nothing more than giving the audience a painless dose of escapism so long as they didn't ask any awkward questions; for example in about the second reel the boys are in the bus on a road in France which is about three times as wide as any road in France that I've ever driven on, clearly shot on the back-lot at Elstree. When they meet the girls who are in a clapped-out car there is a sequence lasting a good ten minutes in which they try to persuade the girls to ride with them which includes a song/dance. During ALL THIS TIME the road is completely EMPTY: No pedestrians, no bicycles, no cars, no vans, no trucks, no lorries, no buses, no coaches. Nothing. In the middle of the day yet. If you can live with this and don't object to the central plot point – a wealthy girl…

Sir Cliff Richard has been called Britain’s Elvis, so the impresarios decided to follow Elvis’s footsteps by playing Cliff in a series of nondescript films. The difference is that Elvis had some acting talent that a good director could work with. This does not seem to be the case with Sir Cliff. He comes over as someone who is naive and bossy. As a musician, he is superb, as an actor…no.The plot is ridiculous. A Routemaster bus is requisitioned and converted into a double decker dormobile to pioneer magic-bus style tours to Mediterranean Europe. Of course, the film makers overlooked the fact that with the speeds these Routemasters travel at, the intrepid teenagers would be eligible for their pensioners’ bus passes by the time they reached Athens, and the bus would be a hearse by the time it got back to London.With Cliff’s last two films, The Young Ones and Expresso Bongo, they are worth watching just to see Cliff’s backing group, The Shadows (formerly The Drifters) steal the show. I…

Redefines family entertainment. I had totally forgotten about this mini-musical until I came across it on the IMDb just five minutes ago, whilst looking for something else that I really don’t care about now.Dear old Sir Cliff! What a time to be 18/19! I was actually just 17 when this came out and so hopelessly in love with my cousin there WAS nothing else in my life at the time. God was feeling charitable towards me in those days and orchestrated events so that she happened to come to my hometown and stay over. I asked her to go to the local theater with me and we sat in the back row watching this film….least SHE did, I had other things on my mind! What does the plot matter? Cliff as a bus driver taking his friends (Cliff’s backing group – The Shadows…how odd I can remember those names…Jet Harris, Tony Meehan and Hank Marvin….and I haven’t even thought about them for forty years!) on a European vacation and picking up girls on the way – between songs of course.God! I’d lik…

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