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Genres: Thriller , Sci-Fi , Drama
Actors: Brittany Wiscombe , Travis Wing , Keston Wing , Dale Thomas , Anthony Straga , Kenneth Hill , Beki Diamond , Gregg Christensen , Shawn Carter , Cory Anderson , Kari Hawker , Paul D. Hunt , Danielle Chuchran , Jason London , John Schneider
Director: Brian Brough
Country: United States
Year: 2011
IMDB Rating: 3.0/10 (217 votes)

Survival is everything

Film Review

Wow was this ever bad. From terrible acting to the recycled beast face from The Fifth Element (a GOOD movie) stuck onto a shag carpet man-suit to the insanely moronic behaviour of the characters that I can only assume had to do the things they did because they were in the script as nobody could even imagine being that stupid.Stupidity in no particular order…. snowmobile gets trashed by some 'big hairy thing' but we'll check it in the morning, not leave… record film of giant hairy beast CLEARLY from multiple angles via remote cameras but no one can tell what it is 'it's a thing'… have run in with beast and get away back to cottage but we'll leave in the morning even though we're scared senseless… one person awakes really early before they take off so they can go look for Beast, leaves tranq gun in car because, well, why not?… bring bait to distract Beast but instead of a bag, drag it on a garbage can lid on a rope for miles… and on an…

Every now and again a film comes along with the potential to change lives. Snow Beast is that film. Superb acting, a gripping plot, and shocks that will have you vacating your bowls left right and center.The horror genre may well have been reinvented; the pacing is that meticulous that every other horror film looks worse than a guy that has just been savaged by Snow Beast, which is pretty terrible. If you don't own this on DVD, buy it now. The director deserves special credit for reworking a classic like the original and managing to keep the charm of the original while still adding some special effects that are, to put it mildly, mind-blowing. You won't regret watching this, and, thanks to the mighty Snow Beast, you will never look at movies in the same way again. In fact, Snow Beast makes Alien and Predator look like the local dorks, and most other horror films will now look comical, they are so much less terrifying than this glorious masterpiece.

I think this was one of the most boring movies I ever saw. No good special effects and a boring story. This movie must have been very cheap. This was like this old Chinese or Japanese Godzilla movies. A human in a low priced costume and a low priced film location. That's why the movie appears not be scary rather a little bit funny. I don't know if the movie is able to get someone scared except a little kid who doesn't be allowed to watch this movie. Always they take a weapon they don't load it until the beast stands in front of them. Why it is so necessary to be so unprepared if you know that there is a dangerous creature which waits to kill you? The way the beast kills people is always unspectacular. I don't like the dialogs. They are unpretentious from my opinion.

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