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Genres: Crime , Drama
Actors: Jean Harlow , Spencer Tracy , Una Merkel , Joseph Calleia , Victor Kilian , Mickey Rooney , J. Farrell MacDonald , Roger Imhof , Juanita Quigley , Paul Hurst , Vince Barnett , Dorothy Appleby , Judith Wood , Arthur Housman , Wade Boteler
Director: J. Walter Ruben
Country: United States
Year: 1936
IMDB Rating: 6.2/10 (341 votes)

Fisherman Dutch marries cannery worker Hattie. After he is kicked out of his union and fired from his job he leaves Hattie who steals money for him and goes to jail. He gets a new job, foils a plot to dynamite the ship, and promises to wait for Hattie.

Film Review

Not as good as one would expect from the talent — Spencer Tracy, Jean Harlow and a script of Anita Loos — but MGM still hadn’t quite figured out what to do with Tracy and they were still teaching Harlow how to act. Given the earnest script, there are *no* laughs in this one, but you might want to see this anyway.

RIFFRAFF is the kind of movie Hollywood forgot to make sometime during WWII; lightning-paced, fast-talking, plot-driven with only the scantest regard to any meaningful characterisation, it’s the kind of 30’s staple that promised – and delivered – nothing other than pure entertainment for the masses.The unusual setting of the Californian tuna fishing industry is the backdrop for this bittersweet depression-era comedy that pitches Spencer Tracy and Jean Harlow together as a bickering couple who end up on the wrong side of the law, largely due to the pride and pig-headedness of Tracy’s character, Dutch Muller. The pair spend a large amount of time yelling insults at each other (Tracy gets so bug-eyed at times he looks as though he is about to explode), which makes it difficult for them to generate any real rapport until the latter stages of the film when, ironically, they share much less screen time. In fact, the film calms down considerably in the second half when proud D…

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