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Genres: Thriller
Actors: Robert Thorne , Jasmine Waltz , Bertie Higgins , J.D. Rudometkin , Debra Hopkins , Jay Wisell , Crystal LeBard , Ryan Caldwell , Julian Higgins , D.C. Douglas , Brian Graham , Erika Lenhart , Bill Henkel , Skip Pipo , Carlie Nettles
Director: Julian Higgins
Country: United States
Year: 2009
IMDB Rating: 3.5/10 (191 votes)

Poker Run – Live to Ride, Ride to DIE! Robert and Allan are two upstanding lawyers, suburbanites, husbands caught in the grip of boring normalcy that sometimes plagues us all – the wife, the house, the cars, the debt. A quiet desperation that often finds its own unique outlet in the form of the motorcycle; an ultimate expression of freedom now consigned to weekend outings straddled by flocks of rich urban bikers living out Easy Rider fantasies. However Robert and Allan’s biker fantasies soon come crashing headlong into the brutal realities of biker life when they find themselves in the hands of two psychopaths on wheels, Ray and Billy. In the middle of a Poker Run, a desert bike rally between Victorville and Vegas, Ray and Billy abduct Robert and Allan’s wives and leave the two men with an ultimatum of death if they ever hope to see the women alive again. Now they must follow a bizarre set of clues that include several horrifying tasks that will leave the sweltering Mojave desert deafened by the roar of motorcycles and awash in blood!

Film Review

Caught a screening of this one at the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear in August '09, introduced by co-writer/co-producer/star Bertie Higgins. While it certainly wasn't the best film that I saw at the festival, it was still a gritty, gruesome and – at times – very tense little thriller.The plot centers on two suburbanite wannabe bikers and their wives taking part in a "Poker Run" – a high stakes poker game taking place through numerous stops across the American south. But when the crew meets up with a dark, charismatic biker and his crusty partner, they stray from the beaten path and it before long everything goes straight to Hell. The women are kidnapped, and our heroes are forced into a brutal game of cat and mouse.It's nothing that we haven't seen before…think Saw meets Last House on the Left by way of Easy Rider, essentially. Still, once the ball gets rolling there are some super intense scenes and plenty of the red stuff (if that's what you're…

This "movie" has it all. Bad acting, direction, writing, and lighting. How this was ever approved is beyond me. I admit that I do not know a lot about Hollywood but it seems that the people that made this movie know even less than I do about making films! The only reason that I continued to watch this film is normally I am a fan of the "nice person/people" that are put in a bad situation by a psycho, i.e. "Unlawful Entry" or "Cape Fear". I guess that I really should not have expected much from a low budget film such as this but it really aggravates me to know that I cannot unsee this movie. The only redeeming quality I can think of is it only lasts 90min.

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