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Genres: Biography , Drama , History
Actors: Kirsten Dunst , Jason Schwartzman , Judy Davis , Rip Torn , Rose Byrne , Asia Argento , Molly Shannon , Shirley Henderson , Danny Huston , Marianne Faithfull , Mary Nighy , Sebastian Armesto , Jamie Dornan , Aurore Clément , Guillaume Gallienne
Director: Sofia Coppola
Country: Japan, France, United States
Year: 2006
IMDB Rating: 6.3/10 (52029 votes)

“All eyes will be on you,” says the Austrian duchess, Maria Theresa to her youngest daughter Marie Antoinette. The film, marketed for a teen audience, is an impressionistic retelling of Marie Antoinette’s life as a young queen in the opulent and eccentric court at Versailles. The film focuses on Marie Antoinette, as she matures from a teenage bride to a young woman and eventual queen of France.

Film Review

I am absolutely obsessed with this film. Sofia Coppola brilliantly captures Marie Antoinette's true spirit: not as an evil queen, but as a naive and young ruler that doesn't fully know the circumstance her people are in outside the walls of Versailles.Critics seem to have either loved or hated the film, but before you listen to those snubbing the biopic because it "didn't capture the dark reality of the French Revolution" or "Kirsten Dunst was too nice when playing Antoinette", keep in mind that these are people that really need to study up on their history.First of all, Marie Antoinette never actually said "let them eat cake". In Rousseau's book, Confessions, he writes: "Finally I recalled the stopgap solution of a great princess who was told that the peasants had no bread, and who responded: 'Let them eat brioche.'" But this was written years before Antoinette even arrived in France. I think that Kirsten Dunst rea…

I loved this movie because it follows so closely to Antonia Fraser's intriguing portrait of Marie Antoinette. If you are a history lover, particularly French history, you will find this a pleasant film. However, being based on a book doesn't mean it's historically accurate; Ms. Fraser's account is only one woman's opinion of what Marie Antoinette was really like. But if you read her book & liked it, you will love the adaptation of this. The film is art on screen, filled with gorgeous colors and couture worthy of Academy awards for design. The film's score & musical variety add to the warmth of this film; I had to run out & purchase the soundtrack shortly after seeing this for the first time. Sofia Coppola herself chose some of the tunes on the soundtrack. All in all, this is ranked up there with my Top 25 favorite films of all time. If you're looking to escape for an hour or two, try this movie!

I'm a huge fan of period dramas, historical fiction and anything that is (even if loosely) based on fact. However this film was just painful to watch, it was visually stunning but it was very badly executed. The story was only just apparent in a disjointed sort of way, there was barely a script to string it together and I found several things hard to reconcile to that period. You couldn't relate to the characters and you didn't really care what happened to them, which is bizarre because they were based on real people, real events, things shook history – very disappointing.It felt very Americanised an an uncomfortable mix of period and present. If you like historical films – don't bother watching this one!

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