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Genres: Thriller , Horror
Actors: Belén Rueda , Lluís Homar , Pablo Derqui , Francesc Orella , Joan Dalmau , Julia Gutiérrez Caba , Boris Ruiz , Dani Codina , Andrea Hermosa , Daniel Grao , Pere Ventura , Òscar Foronda , Ramón Moreno , José Sánchez Orosa , José Sánchez
Director: Guillem Morales
Country: Spain
Year: 2010
IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 (11123 votes)

After the death of the blind Sara, who hung herself in the basement of her house, her twin sister Julia suspects that she was actually murdered. Julia has a degenerative problem in her eyes and is losing her sight and she temporarily moves with her husband Isaac to Sara’s house to arrange her funeral. Julia goes to the Centro Baumann for blinds where Sara frequented and she learns from the others blind users that Sara had a boyfriend. Julia is chased by a mysterious man but the police inspector Dimas does not believe on her. Julia follows the last steps of Sara trying to find the identity of her secret lover. Julia is surrounded by deaths and weird events while she loses her sight.

Film Review

Julia, (Belen Rueda) like her twin sister Sara suffers from a degenerative nerve disease which is slowly but surely turning her blind, with her twin having succumbed to total blindness earlier. When her sister dies, apparently of a suicide, Julia feels there's something not quite right. Her sister wasn't depressed, and in fact had been looking forward to a potentially curable operation. Plus, there's rumours of Sara having had a mysterious boyfriend. But why didn't he go the funeral? Doubted by her Psychologist husband Isaacs (Lluis Homar) Julia resolves to investigate. But her disease is getting worse, and she keeps feeling that somebody is watching her every move. Is she cracking up? Or is something more sinister at play here?Julia's Eyes starts off very promising indeed, with a gripping first hour, as director Guillem Morales ratchets up the tension with some clever visual tricks and an increasingly dark and creepy tone, as well as some entertaining red her…

I'm usually very cautious with my expectations towards Spanish horror/thrillers, especially if they look a little supernatural-themed and receive a lot of praise from beforehand. "Julia's Eyes" showed these characteristics, what with being produced by golden boy Guillermo Del Toro and all, but since it played at the Belgian Festival of Fantastic Films I still definitely wanted to see it. I'm glad to say "Julia's Eyes" is a tense and well-scripted thriller that is rather straightforward in its shocks and horror, rather than exaggeratedly suggestive and ghostly. It has been proved in the past that thrillers with blind female protagonists can scare quite effectively. The ravishing Belén Rueda joins the good company of Mia Farrow in "See No Evil" and Audrey Hepburn in "Wait Until Dark"; blind or narrowly blind damsels in distress who nevertheless fight back courageously. Julia suffers from a rare hereditary ailment which slo…

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