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Genres: Horror , Thriller
Actors: Helmut Berger , Brigitte Lahaie , Telly Savalas , Christopher Mitchum , Stéphane Audran , Caroline Munro , Christiane Jean , Anton Diffring , Tilda Thamar , Howard Vernon , Florence Guérin , Gérard Zalcberg , Henri Poirier , Laure Sabardin , Amelie Chevalier
Director: Jesus Franco
Country: Spain, France
Year: 1987
IMDB Rating: 5.9/10 (542 votes)

A model named Barbara Hallen has disappeared and her father gets private detective Sam Morgan to go to Paris to find his daughter. Barbara’s trail leads Morgan to a plastic surgery clinic owned by Dr. Flamand. Morgan’s investigation reveals the horrifying secret behind the Doctor’s miracle cures which is blood and organs taken from kidnapped young women. As Morgan’s investigation closes witnesses are eliminated one by one, each in a more horrible way.

Film Review

*MINOR SPOILERS*This one has a healthier budget than most Franco has made, decent production values and actors. Here Franco rips off George Franju’s Eyes Without A Face: People loose their faceskin in gory details and are subsequently disposed of. There is a particulary grim and delicious decapitation with chainsaw, this is truly a gorehounds delight and in between the bloodletting feast your eyes on Brigitte Lahie and Caroline Munro. The Horrible Secret of Dr. Hichcock is still Franco’s best, but for less subtle fair Faceless is doing nicely. 6/10

Admittedly I set the bar pretty low when I go into a Jess Franco film. Typically his films seem to be produced in the most cynical manner possible, getting any and every washed-up actor available to shoot as few scenes as possible and then to find some way of padding out the running time to make it feature length.Despite its goofy direction, strange out-of-place intentional comedy, inane dialog, poor and repetitive music, and cheap production design, this film actually has a lot going for it. For one, the cast is pretty good with a decent later-career performance from a drug-addled Helmut Berger, coupled with an earnest P.I. role from Chris Mitchum, Brigitte Lahaie trying her best not to look like a porn star, and Caroline Munro doing her best with a curiously confused, tertiary role. Anton Diffring even pops by to play another of his trademark cold-hearted Nazi / crazed doctor characters. Also look fast for Franco regulars Howard Vernon and Lina Romay in a throwaway scene.Shockingly,…

FACELESS (Jesus Franco – France/Spain 1988).As usual with a Jess Franco film, the background stories from cast and crew are much more interesting than the film itself, which is pretty crappy. But, relatively speaking, it's one of his better films, with an interesting cast consisting of Helmut Berger, Telly Savalas, Chris Mitchum and legendary French porn queen Brigitte Lahaie. Franco had a relatively large budget to spend for this film, around one and a half million francs ($250,000). It all looks very glossy, very eighties, including the soundtrack with the strangely hypnotic song 'Destination nowhere.' The film itself is good for quite a few laughs; Chris Mitchum's encounter with the muscled bodyguard "Dudu" or "Doodoo". The inexplicable presence of a drag queen in Helmut Berger's clinic, a joke Franco spontaneously made up on the set, even Helmut Berger looked a little disturbed after entering the room (Franco probably didn't tell him who…

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