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Genres: Adventure , Drama
Actors: Maksim Munzuk , Yuri Solomin , Svetlana Danilchenko , Dmitri Korshikov , Suimenkul Chokmorov , Vladimir Kremena , Aleksandr Pyatkov , Mikhail Bychkov , Sovetbek Dzhumadylov , B. Khorulev , Nikolai Volkov
Director: Akira Kurosawa
Country: Soviet Union, Japan
Year: 1975
IMDB Rating: 8.2/10 (12118 votes)

A Russian army explorer who is rescued in Siberia by a rugged Asian hunter renews his friendship with the woodsman years later when he returns as the head of a larger expedition. The hunter finds that all of his nature lore is of no help when he accompanies the explorer back to civilization. Written by Keith Loh In 1902, a Russian army expedition is assigned to explore Siberia under the command of Captain Vladimir Arseniev. He befriends the Goldi (Nanai) hunter Dersu Uzala and invites him to guide the explorers through the stark forest up to Khanka Lake. Along their journey, Arseniev discovers that Dersu Uzala is a man with a beautiful soul, and they become close friends. When his assignment ends, Dersu Uzala says goodbye to Arseniev. In 1907, Captain Arseniev is assigned to another expedition at the Ussuri River; when he meets Dersu Uzala in the forest, the lonely hunter joins his team and guides the group. However, he is older and has problems with his vision, and Captain Arseniev invites Dersu Uzala to live with his family in Khabarovsk City. But the old man does not adapt to the urban lifestyle and decides to return to the forest. In 1910, Captain Arseniev is called to Korfovskaïa to identify the body of a man who has his calling card and might be Dersu Uzala.

Film Review

Dersu Uzala is not just the quintessence of pristine cinema or a landmark in art cinema, but is also a living proof that brilliance can be achieved with absolute simplicity. Storytelling is undoubtedly one of the most potent tools known to man: from the Illiad and Odyssey of Homer to the tales of Jataka, to the 1001 nights of Arabia, to the tales of Panchatantra, to the plays of Shakespeare, man has always found ways to amuse himself by spinning the yarn of his imagination. These tales, though picturesque, fantastic and resplendent, mostly overlooked the potency of austerity vis-à-vis grandeur as an element of revelation powerful enough to transcend the effects of all other affects know to man. Only a handful of storytellers like Akira Kurosawa and Satyajit Ray have shown the grit and perspicacity to use simplicity as the weapon to incite and hence portray the deepest of the human emotions on the celluloid. Kurosawa demonstrated the might of simplicity as an element that can pack…

Dersu Uzala takes the best bits from, say, Andrei Tarvosky – the languishing and poetical visuals but omits his often gregarious and incomprehensible plots, to leave a fine mixture of storytelling, character building and epic scale. The cinematography is often breathtaking.In two parts, the two and three quarter hour film, introduces us to an almost Siberian "Indian", the sort we might have seen in westerns from the '50s. Dersu Uzala is a simple trapper in his 70's, living from hand to mouth in the wastelands of Siberia. Lush in summer, bleak and raw (and arctic) in winter he relies totally on his instinct and experience. He has also escaped from a previous 'life'. In the 19th century, a group of Russian army surveyors are mapping the area and become out of their depth in the relative wilderness. They stumble upon Dersu and they soon form an unbreakable bond and through a series of survival adventures and near death skirmishes with the inclement weather a…

It's impossible to name the greatest movie Akira Kurosawa has directed, but it just might be this one.. But it also might be for example Ran or Ikiru, and I haven't mentioned Rashomon or Seven Samurai yet.Well there's still something special about Dersu, not only that it's made in USSR and it's filming took years, it has something unique powers. It still has it's Kurosawa elements. The scene where Dersu and Captain are struggling against the storm, is one of the most powerful.Dersu is a hunter, who lives in Siberia, and a Russian expedition meets him. A special bond is created between Captain and Dersu. They separate when the expedition's have to return home. Dersu couldn't live anywhere else than in the nature. But they meet again when Captain and his crew returns..In the beginning of the movie, you'll see what is going to happen eventually, but the story that is told is beautiful and touching. You'll return to watch this movie again sometime i…

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