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Genres: Drama
Actors: Cliff Chamberlain , Carmencristina Moreno , John White , Ari Gwasdoff , Jeremy Meyer , Alex Navarro , Travis Chamerlain , Roem Baur , Sara Crua , Joey Trimmer , Jbar Turner
Director: Matt Hannon , Rick Rapoza
Country: United States
Year: 2006
IMDB Rating: 5.5/10 (41 votes)

Simon Brodigan gives up on just about everything in his life, and just about everyone in his life has given up on him. He passes the time in his unfulfilling life by working an honest part-time job with a not-so-honest scam on the side. Simon cuts corners, runs from responsibility, and definitely doesn’t want to be helped. Eventually, he is estranged from everyone in his life except for one person — an eccentric old woman that he steals from. Mary Beth is surprisingly tolerant of Simon’s self-destructive behavior, and her persistent interest in Simon’s life eventually gets the best of him. While working for Mary Beth at her Cactus shop, Simon finds that his reluctance turns to willingness, even eagerness, to improve the quality of his life and the relationships that he has seemingly ruined. Flirting with the concept of ambition, Simon tries to mend some of the wreckage of his past by making up with the father who has disowned him. But things do not go as planned… With hopes dashed, Simon quickly retreats to his old ways, knowing that he is unable to change and not worth the effort of trying. He is tired of hurting the people that he loves. If only he can push everyone away once and for all, maybe then they will quit pushing him. The result is a mistake that has in store bigger consequences then Simon imagined, and even Mary Beth will have a hard time untangling his untimely mess.

Film Review

i enjoyed every moment of this well written movie, in fact i have some friends who work in this field for money and i see how their output is, they don't have this great passion i saw in each actor's eyes..also the fact of being free or licensed under a creative common license made me clap forever as an open source believer.the actor's eyes were really telling a lot, and the boy made his point clearly, very clear indeed.i loved the ending a lot, i had two phone calls that i didn't even notice when i reached the end because i was too alert and waiting what will happen next.the old woman character really made me feel very comfortablethe whole movie inspired me about someone i know and how to deal with hm, you know to read how to deal with such guys or listen from elder is nothing compared to watching a real live example.guys there you were just brilliant.

This movie works really well. In my opinion, it has quite a strong effect with the storyline, which is one of the best that I have seen. The movie concentrates well on the issues in some places, and I appreciate that it made me feel different about myself too.I give 10/10 because of the storyline and the effect it had on me. But this does not go anywhere to the actual film quality, as it was not good. The movie is really feeling like homemade, there is little editing applied and some noise is also present in the audio. And come on – who films with a shaking hand? The view is shaking all the way through-out and that really does annoy me.I wish to see more from these authors though, as the story line is really great and just strongly affects anybody watching the movie.

Cactuses was a very enjoyable watch. At first i was worried where the film was going, but as the plot developed it progressed into a strong story of a lost young man. The actors were brilliant and the characters were very believable. The dialogue is well scripted and the music is very effective in portraying the mood. My only criticism of the film is that sometimes you see the characters are speaking but you cannot hear them over the music which gives the feeling that they could not think of meaningful dialogue. This is seen especially in the final conversation between the protagonist and his girlfriend when he breaks up from her, where she opens with something along the lines of 'ive been looking everywhere for you, whats this about?' and finishes with 'i cant forgive you this time' yet we don't hear what he says to her. Apart from this it is a very strong film that deserves to be seen by a larger audience.

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