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Genres: Horror , Sci-Fi
Actors: Bela Lugosi , Tor Johnson , Tony McCoy , Loretta King , Harvey B. Dunn , George Becwar , Paul Marco , Don Nagel , Bud Osborne , John Warren , Ann Wilner , Dolores Fuller , William ‘Billy’ Benedict , Ben Frommer
Director: Edward D. Wood Jr.
Country: United States
Year: 1955
IMDB Rating: 3.7/10 (4005 votes)

Dr. Varnoff captures twelve men for his experiment: to turn them into supermen using atomic energy. Newspaperwoman Lawton gets too snoopy for her own good.

Film Review

I don't want to defend Ed Wood here, because that sounds like a lot of work. With that said, "Bride of The Monster" really isn't too bad. Well of course it is, it's absolutely terrible, but is it really any more terrible than the average 50s drive-in flick? To the contrary in fact, because at least this one bothered to get the great Bela Lugosi as the villain. Lugosi shines about as much as a person can possibly shine when he's directed by Ed Wood, he's truly a mad scientist to dream of. Tor Johnson is also entertaining as the doctor's sidekick, probably because at least in this one Wood had the decency not to give him any lines. That way he can put all his effort in being freakin' huge, which suits him better. It's kinda superfluous to say when you're reviewing an Ed Wood movie, but it also has some major flaws. For one thing: the actual monster. Nobody bothered to figure out how they could make it move, so the actors just kinda …

Bride Of The Monster was Bela Lugosi's last completed film and was done for that legendary director of bad movies, Ed Wood, Jr. At least Lugosi didn't live to see Plan Nine From Outer Space, he was spared that humiliation.Once again Bela is a mad scientist who has a scheme to create a race of atomic supermen and he's got a great old prototype in Tor Johnson formerly the Swedish Angel of pro wrestling fame. In fact Tor's nocturnal wanderings have given rise to a monster legend in and around Lugosi's secluded digs in the woods. That and the pet giant octopus he keeps around for no discernible reason other than to dispose of unwanted guests.Bela has all kinds of people on his trail, the cops, a Lois Lane type reporter who is girlfriend to one of the cops and another scientist from Lugosi's home country who wants to bring him back so he can do his work there. Bela however is a believer that a prophet has no honor in his home country and disposes of that unwan…

Dr. Eric Vornoff (Bela Lugosi in his last speaking role) lives in a creepy old house in a swamp. His only companion is his big, hulking and mute servant Lobo (Tor Johnson). It seems the doctor is trying to make a race of atomic supermen to rule the world. Lt. Dick Craig (Tony McCoy) and his girlfriend Janet Lawton (Loretta King) try to stop him.OK–the script is silly–full of terrible dialogue (the last line especially is a groaner). There are huge holes in logic–does anyone notice that all the people that Vornoff tries to make super keep dying? With one exception the acting is pretty dreadful–McCoy got the lead because his dad was a major investor in the film! The sets are threadbare and wait till you see the rubber octopus! But, for Ed Wood, this isn't bad. It seems Wood actually learned from earlier films on how to direct and stage scenes. Also the film is only 69 minutes long and doesn't outstay its welcome. The main reason to watch this is Lugosi. He was very ill when …

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