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Genres: Biography , Drama , History
Actors: Ioan Gruffudd , Romola Garai , Benedict Cumberbatch , Albert Finney , Michael Gambon , Rufus Sewell , Youssou N’Dour , Ciarán Hinds , Toby Jones , Nicholas Farrell , Sylvestra Le Touzel , Jeremy Swift , Stephen Campbell Moore , Bill Paterson , Nicholas Day
Director: Michael Apted
Country: United Kingdom, United States
Year: 2006
IMDB Rating: 7.4/10 (14324 votes)

In 1797, William Wilberforce, the great crusader for the British abolition of slavery, is taking a vacation for his health even while he is sicker at heart for his frustrated cause. However, meeting the charming Barbara Spooner, Wilberforce finds a soulmate to share the story of his struggle. With few allies such as his mentor, John Newton, a slave ship captain turned repentant priest who penned the great hymn, “Amazing Grace,” Prime William Pitt, and Olaudah Equiano, the erudite former slave turned author, Wilberforce fruitlessly fights both public indifference and moneyed opposition determined to keep their exploitation safe. Nevertheless, Wilberforce finds the inspiration in newfound love to rejuvenate the fight with new ideas that would lead to a great victory for social justice.

Film Review

Honestly, we rented it only because our daughter's name is Grace. And we were slow to watch it because it looked like it would be one of those stodgy, slow-moving, historical dramas. Boy, were we wrong. It was one of the most moving, heartfelt, stunning films I've ever seen. It's on a par with the best historical drama I'd previously seen, "A Man for All Seasons," but with a story that has much more contemporary relevance. Tremendous acting, great script, great story. It's just an outstanding movie in all respects. I'm surprised it didn't get more accolades when it was released. It surely deserved every plaudit it received, and more.

I loved this film. It has just the right amount of excellent production values, great acting, attractive young stars – some distinguished older ones – and a magnificent history lesson. When I think of slavery, I generally focus upon the Americas or ancient civilizations and have never been totally aware of the importance of slavery to the economies of such European countries as England and France during the Eighteenth Century. Amazing Grace – taken from the hymn written by John Newton who was a former slave trader – is the story of William Wilberforce (1759-1833) who tirelessly fought for social reform and the end of the slave trade in England.Wilberforce was a dynamic man and an extraordinary orator who entered politics as a very young man. He campaigned for many causes including the reformation of manners and the Society for the Suppression of Vice, free education for the poor, the introduction of Christianity to India, the foundation of the Church Mission Society, and the Society f…

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