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Genres: Comedy , Crime , Thriller
Actors: Michael Caine , Elizabeth McGovern , Peter Riegert , Swoosie Kurtz , Will Patton , Jenny Wright , John McMartin , Barbara Baxley , Haviland Morris , Philip Moon , Kent Broadhurst , Zach Grenier , David Schramm , Sam Schacht , Christopher Durang
Director: Jan Egleson
Country: United States
Year: 1990
IMDB Rating: 6.6/10 (2052 votes)

Graham Marshall already celebrates his anxiously awaited promotion in an advertising company, when he learns that Roger Benham, one of his subordinates, will be promoted instead of him. Frustrated that his hated life will never change, he starts a cunning ploy to take bloody revenge on everyone who humiliated him – starting with his unnerving wife.

Film Review

Its a good thriller. Michael Caine as usual has given a controlled and riveting performance. I guess the title of the movie was a Let Down. It should have been a catchy one and i guess that would have made a lot of difference to the outcome of this film.Its a simple story of office politics where one man feels victimised for not getting a promotion that he felt truly deserved. And when he is denied his right, he begins his revenge. And all the murders in the movie are well planned and perfectly executed. Its one of those movies where the protagonist is left standing and comes out a 100% winner. If anyone out there who is really a vindictive kind can take inputs from this movie and renact it in real life. Well, I wouldn’t do it for sure. Will u? Check the movie out first and then decide

I saw this movie about 10 years ago during a sick day from work & never forgot it. I finally got it on DVD this week & the impact is still there. I have never seen it again until now & I am wondering why it’s not re-screened more often.The story has a timeless quality & although I’m not a big Michael Caine film, this film showcases his brilliance, from subtle facial expressions to wryly amusing scenes such as where he is almost caught out.Whilst Caine is the obvious star, the support cast are perfectly cast, from the sleazy new boss to the suspicious cop, to the naive girlfriend & the has-been retired manager, each actor does their job perfectly.Like The Game, starring Michael Douglas, this is one film you need to watch from start to finish to understand the complexity of the plot.Definitely one of my favourite films of all time.

Michael Caine plays a reasonably successful but disaffected middle-aged executive. He has a very good job and home–but he also has a wife who seems more interested in what his job will buy her and he isn't given a promotion EVERYONE thought he'd get. One day he is attacked by a homeless guy and accidentally kills him. Yet, despite happening at a subways stop in New York, no one sees this happen and he's able to just walk away from this like it never happened. However, oddly, instead of being saddened or scared by this event, Caine is thrilled! He starts to feel invulnerable…almost magical. So, after his wife pushes him too far, he experiments to see if once again he can get away with killing her, too. When this occurs, Caine decides he's pretty much invulnerable and decides to try his luck again…after all, killing can be like potato chips–you can't stop at just one! Talk about a bad mid-life crisis!! I am not sure if this is meant as a dark comedy or jus…

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