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Genres: Comedy , Short
Actors: Curly Howard , Larry Fine , Moe Howard
Director: Jack White
Country: United States
Year: 1936
IMDB Rating: 7.6/10 (202 votes)

The stooges are small time actors traveling by train to an engagement. Along with their pet monkey, they manage to spoil the trip for quite a few of the other passengers including the conductor and a big movie star. Eventually their antics get out of hand and they are literally tossed off the train.

Film Review

The Three Stooges has always been some of the many actors that I have loved. I love just about every one of the shorts that they have made. I love all six of the Stooges (Curly, Shemp, Moe, Larry, Joe, and Curly Joe)! All of the shorts are hilarious and also star many other great actors and actresses which a lot of them was in many of the shorts! In My opinion The Three Stooges is some of the greatest actors ever and is the all time funniest comedy team! This is one of My favorite Three Stooges shorts with Curly! All Appearing in this short are Bud Jamison, James C. Morton, and Eddie Laughton! This one is so hilarious! Curly has a great performance here and in My opinion its one of his best. I strongly recommend this Three Stooges short!

I have the film on the original 16mm film reel, roughly 200 ft in length. I ran it through the old projector. And I have to say it’s a great Stooges film. Although I had a hard time paying attention to the film, since the film kept getting jammed in the projector (a 1926 Bell & Howell, ancient!)It starts off when the three receive a phone call telling them they just got a job offer in acting. They have to catch a train to get to the location. On the train, with their monkey, they reek havoc on the passengers. Everyone on the train finally gets fed up and throw them off the train in a funny manner.I did love the scene where they’re all struggling to answer the phone. I loved it!

"A Pain in the Pullman," directed by Preston Black, is a very funny Three Stooges short! It was reportedly one of the Stooges' personal favorites, and the reason why is not hard to understand. In this short, Moe, Larry, & Curly are travelling vaudevillians who receive an offer to appear in a show titled "The Panics of 1936," and since they are desperately in need of money, they jump at the chance. Trouble is, they never actually get to appear in the show because they cause endless noisy commotion on board the night train carrying their fellow vaudevillians who are trying to sleep.The main highlights from "A Pain in the Pullman" are indeed the interior train scenes as the Stooges and their pet monkey Joe cause all sorts of hijinks. Joe creates embarrassment for the star of the show Mr. Paul Pain (James C. Morton) by pulling off his toupee. The boys unknowingly invade Mr. Pain's drawing room and consume his fresh crab & champagne. (Actually,…

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