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Genres: Action , Drama , Sci-Fi
Actors: Kenji Sahara , Yumi Shirakawa , Momoko Kôchi , Akihiko Hirata , Takashi Shimura , Susumu Fujita , Hisaya Itô , Yoshio Kosugi , Fuyuki Murakami , Tetsu Nakamura , Yoshio Tsuchiya , Yutaka Sada , Ren Imaizumi , Takeo Oikawa , Tadao Nakamaru
Director: Ishirô Honda
Country: Japan
Year: 1957
IMDB Rating: 6.2/10 (533 votes)

Aliens arrive on Earth and ask permission to be given a certain tract of land for their people to live on. But when they are discovered to be invaders, responsible for the giant robot that is destroying cities, the armed forces attempt to stop them with every weapon available.

Film Review

Although best known for their Godzilla series, Japan’s Toho Studios made many other sci fi and fantasy films. This was the first of many that would be about aliens from another world invading Earth {that idea would be later incorporated into quite a few Godzilla films}. It’s dated in some respects but still pretty good fun and must have seemed quite impressive at the time of it’s western release. Before that the only major film that dealt with alien invasion on a "full scale,open war" kind of level was The War Of The Worlds, and The Mysterians attempts even more, if not quite succeeding, in the way of spectacle.The first half hour is terrific, the characters are briefly introduced, strange things happen and a large bird-like robot goes on the rampage in Godzilla fashion. After this,things go downhill a little bit, too much time is taken up with meetings and the lengthy battle scenes between the aliens and the humans are a bit static and go on a little too long. Nevertherless…

The Mysterians defined Toho scifi. If you watch this movie, you will notice a shocking similarity between Star Wars(1977) and this film. The Special effects are quite good. The only complaint I have is MOGERA's suit is a bit wobbly at times. The miniatures and sets, and matte shots are good. The score by Akira Ifukube is riveting. He composes many famous themes here. Some of which appear in 1991's Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah. He even makes some stirring themes. I really like the direction and acting here. Ishiro Honda's favorite theme, the brotherhood of mankind, makes an appearance here. My favorite performance is that of the Mysterian leader. An actor from the classic Kurosawa film The Seven Samurai appears here.I love this movie. Recommended.

well, this movie is NOT very brilliant. lots of toys, poor budget, C series acting. You get giant rockets reminiscent of those Buster Krabbe 1930’s Flash Gordon movies but the overall feeling is that we’re dealing with some upscale (!) version of "plan 9 from outer space". The monster MOGERA will resurface decades later in the 1990’s Godzilla movies. SFX are laughable, even back in the 1950’s: most scenes are either garage sales toys or regular scenes with poor superposed effects, like the burning effect or else. Overall, not a movie worth any price and not a movie i’d watch twice. The Universal horrors of the 1930’s and even Abbott&Costello meet Frankenstein had in comparison sky-high super SFX.

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