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Genres: Western , Thriller , Horror
Actors: Colin Hussey , Autumn Harrison , Meghan D. Hall , Randall Marshall Dillon , Hilary Castaneda , Douglas Carranza , Harry Bruce , Carol S. Bayers , Timothy Bartgis , Jeffery Babineau , George Anderson , Robert Amstler , Richard Mora , Camille Montgomery , David A. Lockhart
Director: Rene Perez
Country: United States
Year: 2011
IMDB Rating: 3.8/10 (236 votes)

A meteor lands in Jamestown California in 1849 during the gold rush. It is found by miners who release it’s spoors which turn the population into blood thirsty mutants.

Film Review

Initially just by the DVD cover alone you know what kind of movies you will be in for when you pick up this movie. But still, being the zombie aficionado that I am, I just had to watch it regardless.The story in "The Dead and the Damned" or "Cowboys & Zombies" as it is titled on the DVD cover and in the actual movie, is some prospectors uncover what appears to be a meteor and brings it into town, attempts to crack it open and something green spews out. This green haze turns the prospectors into, yeah you guessed it, zombies! However, this puzzled me, because in a very short time the prospectors were quite decayed and decomposed, but still they remained their agility and ability to jump, run, sprint and do acrobatics.However, the movie actually have good production and good cinematography and that shines through the movie and actually makes it worth sitting through.The zombies, well I prefer shambling zombies that are unable of running and zombies that doesn&#x…

The very first thing that's noticeable about this flick is that the actors don't seem to have much experience with firearms. OK, not that bad of a detail, I mean it's not like it is a cowboy, shoot 'em up movie, or a zombie movie…wait a minute! After that, the protagonist, the leading man, kept reminding me of Michael Jackson with his uber high pitched voice. That's okay, it isn't like he's playing a really manly character, like a cowboy, or a zombie killer and…hey, wait a minute! If you're going to cast a manly character, please keep him away from the helium! The writing was garbage, the scenery was obviously recently built, maybe a recreation village of civil war reenactors or something, and the story line was only in place enough to show some glorious hooters, which was the only redeeming feature of this flick.And while we're on the subject of voices, let's talk about the amazing Tonto, or village person, the Indian. Against the…

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