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Genres: Action , Sci-Fi
Actors: C. Thomas Howell , Judd Nelson , Darren Dalton , Sinead McCafferty , Bug Hall , Cameron Bender , Jonathan Sanders , Lew Knopp , Reiko Kaneshiro , Jason Ellefson , Graham Denman , Scotty Carlisle , Prince Pheenix Wade , Theron Cook , Jose Prendes
Director: C. Thomas Howell
Country: United States
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 3.0/10 (1144 votes)

Hundreds of massive intergalactic robots appear in all of the world’s major capitals with an ultimatum: Prove the value of human civilization or be destroyed.

Film Review

i am an avid sci-fi fan and love new ideas and concepts but it was hard for me to sit threw this movie as it dragged a lot. many of the scenes seemed to be pointless. i did not like the music very much either it seems the mood setting for the scene was not appropriate. i thought the main female roll acting needed some help… the makeup team put way too much make up on her for obvious reason you will see why i say too much… as with any "B" movie the special affects are cheesy. the idea / plot is not original. they built up so much to only fall total flat. the action that they hoped to bring never happens. all in all the movie was watchable but a 1 time only.

Even if it was cheap, there were big bloopers that could have been avoided and weren't. You can do cheap an good. Or cheap and careless. How come the completely naked alien woman had a heavy noticeable make-up? And that's the beginning. Just a little brain and those stupid mistakes –that required not money, just common sense- would have been adverted. How about when "every car in the town is paralyzed" and you can see far away a car racing through the street? Just to point the camera in a different angle. The robots were cool, even if almost they didn't move, and even if they were anthropologically useless in form (why such a machine had legs?). The actress was beautiful, obviously not a great performance and worst direction. The plot was bordering with a teenager script, but could have been forgiven if the long list of easily correctable mistakes were fixed.

My grade-school aged children confused this with the similarly named Hollywood movie. I tried to warn them, but they insisted this looked good. The acting was so bad I left the room about 30 minutes in. My son called me back a few minutes later to point out how bad the *lighting effects* were. He's never critical of acting, let alone of lighting. Honestly, if a 5th grader is able to find serious flaws everybody involved with this film should be ashamed.I'd like to say something good about this film, but I can't think of anything. At least in my case it was a free rental, so I didn't waste any money on it.

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