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Genres: Romance , Fantasy , Comedy
Actors: Daniel William Carter , Marcia Wallace , Shelley Berman , Alsari Al-Shehali , Megan Gallivan , Tina Caspary , Noah Blake , Zelda Rubinstein , Amanda Ingber , Lisa Fuller , Dick Sargent , Caren Kaye , Joshua John Miller , Dan Gauthier , Robyn Lively
Director: Dorian Walker
Country: United States
Year: 1989
IMDB Rating: 5.8/10 (3523 votes)

Louise is not very popular at her highschool. Then she learns that she’s descended from the witches of Salem and has inherited their powers. At first she uses them to get back at the girls and teachers who teased her and to win the heart of the handsome footballer’s captain. But soon she has doubts if it’s right to ‘cheat’ her way to popularity.

Film Review

I grew up in the 80s. I’m 29 years old today and I turned 14 in 1989 during the year this silly, campy film came out. I don’t remember this movie coming out in the theaters or at Blockbuster Video back in 1989. In fact I had never heard of it and Robyn Lively (she was a great low grade late 80s teen star) is the only recognizable name here for me. I caught it on TV recently and it was like watching a train wreck that I couldn’t take my eyes off of. This film about a teen witch played by the lovely Robyn Lively seems like a real caricature of the 80s, and doesn’t capture the late 80s well at all. I was embarrassed as hell watching this cheesy flick. The movie looks like it was filmed earlier then 1989, like perhaps 1986 or 1987. Who the hell was still wearing those cheesy bandannas in 1989? Yuck. The loud and campy fashions are atrocious here. Why is it that I’ll watch some kid movies from the late 80s and it gels from how I remember it generally being in real life during t…

teen witch is the 80s classic about louise, a shy misfit with typical teenage girl problems: the boy she loves doesn't know she's alive, her parents are washed-up sitcom actors, and senior boys rap in front of her locker! then louise discovers she has magic powers and that's just the beginning…OK, the acting is horrible, the plot makes no sense, and random characters burst into song, but seriously i love this movie with all my heart. i would give anything for a continuous loop of it in my head. it always makes me crack up every time. this movie has a lot to offer. great music, big hair, green heels and orange socks over pink leggings. so if you haven't seen it, you're missing out.and remember…the real magic is believing in yourself

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