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Genres: Drama , Thriller
Actors: Arkadiusz Detmer , Andrzej Chyra , Janusz Bukowski , Marcin Jedrzejewski , Mariusz Jakus , Borys Szyc , Kinga Preis , Janusz Chabior , Elzbieta Kijowska , Weronika Brzezicka-Kaminska , Pawel Szczesny , Andrzej Andrzejewski , Dariusz Biskupski , Grzegorz Kowalczyk , Aleksander Mikolajczak
Director: Konrad Niewolski
Country: Poland
Year: 2003
IMDB Rating: 7.4/10 (1346 votes)


Film Review

There was a time when Polish cinema ranked among the best of the world. Those days, inevitably and indubitably, are over. "Symetria" is a perfect example of why – a failure of a film, a dismal, boring, drawn-out, sentimental mess. "Symetria" or "Symmetry" for those who haven’t yet caught on, tells the story of a man who ends up in prison, entirely without reason, assuring us continuously of his innocence and ends up being corrupted by the system. In a word, true – this happens often, I do not doubt. In a world outside of society, people begin living by their own rules very much a la "Lord of the Flies." But what "Symetria" does is not explore this theme with a new angle, try to shed light on it or even portray the theme realistically. What it does is *attempt* to be art rather than actually *be* art. In other words, it becomes a grotesque, vulgar bore-show of long takes and clichéd dialogue and trivialized psychological analysis…

First of all I’d recommend to not allow Canadude’s review to make an influence on your decision about buying/renting/downloading "Symetria" or not. The artistic quality of this movie is very very high. I didn’t see this "pretending" in even one single scene. All the acts are amazingly good (especially for polish cinema as it stands today), especially that of the main actor, which had some really hard role to play. It really gets you in. When you watch this movie, you’re in polish jail, no doubt about it! I’ve got some friends who have been/are in jail, and they say that except few tiny little mistakes, you want to get the picture of polish jail, watch it. The change of attitude Lukasz shows toward that oldest guy from the cell can be easily understood and is also real. That’s jail reality – you keep it with the tough, you’re considered tough. You keep with guys who (for this or other reason) don’t deserve respect in that reality – what can you expect then? So it wa…

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