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Genres: Sci-Fi , Horror , Action
Actors: Jeff DuJardin , Micky Dolenz , Michelle Coutinho , Carl Ciarfalio , Arden Cho , Clint Brink , Harmony Blossom , Jay Beyers , Sarah Belger , Carey Van Dyke , Kevin M. Horton , Kathryn Joosten , A Martinez , Tiffany , Deborah Gibson
Director: Mary Lambert
Country: United States
Year: 2011
IMDB Rating: 3.2/10 (1002 votes)

There’s a crisis in the Florida Everglades as giant pythons are threatening the alligator population.

Film Review

I just wanted to say I had an odd attraction to the blond in this flick throughout the movie's entirety – as if I knew her some how from another life which I was pretty sure at the time; I didn't. Afterwards, I found out she was Debbie Gibson! How about that? It must have been the lips. And here is some required filler so I can post my thoughts. The movie started out well like most Scifi works but somewhere in here, quality control seemed to get thrown out the window – in regard to plot, storyline and script. It's as if the producer had really really deep pockets or had some odd infatuation with the cast leading the movie to stretch a lot further than it ever should have been allowed to.

The Asylum is well-known for making low-budget sci-fi movies, some of which are rip-offs of famous high-budget films. It scored big with it's greatest hit "Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus" and then the sequel came around. And then we have this piece of crap: Mega Python vs Gatoroid. Now, I have to admit that the idea has good potential, making a movie based on the current turf war that's going on in the Everglades between the native alligators and invasive pythons. With this, I give this movie credit. But they screwed it all up with the rest.Led by the 80s pop star Deborah Gibson, environmental extremists release a bunch of captive pythons into the Everglades and somehow they become the size of anacondas. In retaliation, the other 80s pop star Tiffany feeds local alligators growth hormone-induced meat and soon the reptiles become huge. The war begins as the animals feed on each other and soon both species get even bigger, a recipe for disaster like this movie. Soon the…

I am almost sorry to say that I was able to watch the World Premiere of this bizarre flick on SyFy last night. Where to begin? The preposterous plot? The God-awful CGI? The stomach churning "acting" of the two, uh, "stars"? We'll go right to the uh, stars.Tiffany has not aged well, to say the least. At best, she looks like a middle-aged housefrau with enormous boobs that are threatening to unleash themselves from their captivity at any given moment. Normally, this would add an element of titillation (pun intended) to the proceedings but, in this case, the thought of those two over-sized melons flopping around on the screen was almost as horrifying as her acting.Debbie, (oops!) DEBORAH, on the other hand, is so thin she looks as if a good wind would blow her right into the swamp. She looks downright anorexic. It's not funny, it's true. Also, her nose is so strangely shaped that I could not focus on anything else. That odd proboscis commands total atte…

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