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Genres: Action , Drama , Thriller
Actors: Meiko Kaji , Toshio Kurosawa , Masaaki Daimon , Miyoko Akaza , Shinichi Uchida , Takeo Chii , Noboru Nakaya , Yoshiko Nakada , Akemi Negishi , Kaoru Kusuda , Sanae Nakahara , Hôsei Komatsu , Makoto Matsuzaki , Hiroshi Hasegawa , Takehiko Ono
Director: Toshiya Fujita
Country: Japan
Year: 1973
IMDB Rating: 7.7/10 (4592 votes)

Yuki’s family is nearly wiped out before she is born due to the machinations of a band of criminals. These criminals kidnap and brutalize her mother but leave her alive. Later her mother ends up in prison with only revenge to keep her alive. She creates an instrument for this revenge by purposefully getting pregnant. Though she dies in childbirth, she makes sure that the child will be raised as an assassin to kill the criminals who destroyed her family. Young Yuki never knows the love of a family but only killing and revenge.

Film Review

Most people that see the Kill Bill films (especially Vol. 1) and then see a work that inspired Kill Bill, like Shurayukihime, feel let down some how that they didn’t see the same exact film twice.No, you won’t hear the main femme fatal talk about cheeseburgers, and she doesn’t go to China to be trained by Pai Mei (another lifted character, BTW). But what we do get with this film is pure excitement. Ultra-violent, blood-spurting, sexy lead woman excitement, all set in a period backdrop. We get to see the work from the originators, not the imitators.If you like Samurai/revenge flicks, with authentic flavor, plenty of gore and some beautiful photography, check this one out. Heck, I recommend this to fans of KB Vol. 1 as well. Just don’t expect pop culture references.

LADY SNOWBLOOD is another excellent entry in the pinky-violence/samurai genre. This one has a notable lack of sex and nudity – but definitely delivers in the violence department. The sets, costumes and story-line are top-notch, and the film as a whole is a novel take on the rape/revenge exploitation genre also.LADY SNOWBLOOD surrounds a young woman whose family is killed by a group of outlaws. She is raped by one of the gang members and dies giving birth to the daughter that is the product of her union with the rapist. On her deathbed, the mother swears that her newborn daughter’s sole purpose of existence will be to seek revenge for the death of her family – and so LADY SNOWBLOOD is "born"…LADY SNOWBLOOD has all the beautiful sets, elaborate costumes, excellent performances, and high production values that films of this genre and era became known for. My only "suggestion" would have been to throw in some gratuitous sex and nudity that is more typical of the pink…

Like many of you, Id never heard the title Lady Snowblood before Kill Bill came out, so when I watched Kill Bill and saw Tarantino mention this film as one of his biggest influences, well I knew I would have to check it out sooner or later. So did Tarantino really rip off this flick or what? You bet your double edged sword he did! The story is about this couple who get mugged by these four thugs. The husbands gets the ax by the killers and the wife gets raped by all of them many times. When the lady kills one of the killers and slays him she ends up in jail pregnant with a bastard child. When the child is born the mother dies, but not before whispering into the childs ear that her only purpose in life will be to kill those who were responsible for the death of her family. That little girl is raised by a Kung Fu master and ends up being Lady Snowblood. A creature living only to avenge those who murdered her entire family.I wont say Tarantino isn't a genius on his own right the guy …

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