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Genres: Mystery , Drama , Thriller
Actors: Kevin Quinn , Daniel Caruso , Luciano Rauso , Brandon Caruso , Viola Davis , Matt Craven , Jose Pablo Cantillo , Aaron Yoo , David Morse , Carrie-Anne Moss , Sarah Roemer , Shia LaBeouf , Elyse Mirto , Suzanne Rico , Kent Shocknek
Director: D.J. Caruso
Country: United States
Year: 2007
IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 (130241 votes)

After his father is killed in a car accident, things unravel for Kale Brecht and he is placed under house-arrest for punching his Spanish teacher. Having nothing better to do, Kale occupies himself by spying on his neighbors. But one night, he witnesses what appears to be a murder going on in Mr. Turner’s house. Kale becomes obsessed with uncovering the truth behind these murders but, after a few unsettling run-ins with Mr. Turner, it becomes a matter of life and death. And the ominous question: Who is watching who?

Film Review

This is one of those films that I really didn't know too much about before hitting the 'Play' button. I had a vague idea from the write-up, but didn't expect what turned up on the screen. What I got was effectively an updated version of Hitchcock's Rear Window (1954). It did have some good aspects to it, but over all I found it quite disappointing. I will explain why after this brief summary.Kale, a high school teenager has had a hard time of it since his father died a year ago. It all comes to a head one day when he punches his Spanish teacher in class. He is sentenced to three months' house arrest. He has to wear an ankle bracelet and if he wanders too far from the house an alert is sent to the police and they will respond immediately. Finding himself home alone most of the time, Kale gets bored and begins to watch the comings and goings of his neighbours. A new family moves in next door and he immediately takes an interest in the daughter, Ashley. His …

I haven't seen "Rear Window" but I think this movie works just fine without being called a remake. I appreciated the pacing of story and how we didn't learn everything at once. Although it could be argued that this neighborhood has way too many people who don't go to work, it does make for a good story. Also makes you wonder what you might discover if you had a bird eye's view and all day to study your neighborhood.The setup was a little forced, but sufficient enough. The real fun begins when our "hero" gets his Xbox and iTunes accounts deactivated and he's forced to fill his house arrest boredom by spying on the neighborhood. Luckily for him a cute girl moves in next door and another neighbor seems suspiciously like a serial killer in the news.There were a number of good plot twists and the traditional "bad guy tells good lies in front of the cops" moments. It's also fun when the cute girl decides to check-in on her voyeuris…

Here's a teen thriller that isn't fueled by raging teenager hormones and doesn't act on impulse during tense situations. Well, most of the time. Disturbia is a crafty and intense thriller that may not pack in the originality of other films of the same genre, but has enough to effectively sustain its runtime and its ideas. Although not perfectly executed, it finds little shortcuts around some clichés, but still offers essentially the same things you'd get in a regular 2000's decade horror film.This is a treat for Shia LaBeouf and his fans as well. Finally we can see him in a film with coherency, plot, and characterization. He finally shows his acting talents that do not involve running away from metal giants and screaming at them with full power. He is more controlled, and more developed in Disturbia, leaving much to be desired. He plays Kale, who was just in a car accident that killed his father, and has been placed on house arrest after punching his Span…

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