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Genres: Drama
Actors: John S. Davies , Marsha Dietlein , Meason Wiley , Kirk Kelleykahn , Susana Gibb , Brandy Little , Rebecca Sanabria , Jonathan Brent , Forest Denbow , Gail Cronauer , Steve Fromholtz , Lee Ritchey , Carolyn Wickwire , Rene Moreno , Jodi Leigh
Director: Andy Anderson
Country: United States
Year: 1998
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 (232 votes)

After some personal trauma, Wilson Walmsley is invited to work as a substitute teacher in a suburban public high school. He finds lack of authority and interest in the school direction and teacher body; uncontrolled and abusive students in an environment of disrespect and lack of discipline. He becomes close to the arts teacher Louise and to the smart and abused student Joey. When he saves Louise from a sexual assault of the student Davey, Louise and him are sued by Davey’s family lawyer; then Davey’s girlfriend beats Louise. The upset Walmsley lures, drugs and kidnaps Joey and six troublemakers of his class and brings them to his isolate real estate in Alpine, Texas. When the seven students wake up, they are naked and caged in cages with electric fences. When Walmsley arrives, he advises that his class will begin, and any disrespect or lack of discipline will be duly punished, and shots Joey to make clear his intentions. And the class begins. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil A substitute teacher who is taking over a semester for a regular teacher, gets disgruntled with his snotty class. So in a determination to teach them something by any means possible, he abducts the class, strips them of all clothes and dignity, and proceeds to make them learn things one way or the other.

Film Review

The advance reviews of writer & director Andy Anderson’s Detention prepared me for a ’90s version of To Sir with Love, and indeed, the first part of this film is along that line, except that now we have not only uncontrollable kids but an adminstration that has lost the will and the power to do anything about them. The teachers are bound by political correctness, a starvation budget, fear of lawsuits, and a thousand other plagues on the education system. Even Sidney Poitier would be helpless were he bound this tightly by a legal system gone mad.I kept waiting for Bill Walmsley, the hero teacher of this movie, confidently played by John Davies, to work the Stand and Deliver miracle, but it doesn’t come, and the movie slows, when suddenly Walmsley tries an approach that rips the conventions right out from under this movie. No, this isn’t To Sir with Love or Stand and Deliver or even The Dead Poets Society. Yet in one fell swoop, the movie becomes darkly funny while raising some ser…

If I were to give this almost-worthless waste of time any sort of credit, it would be that someone finally wrote what a lot of teachers out there have been thinking and feeling for decades. I will admit, I had this one pegged for another B version "Dangerous Minds" or "Stand and Deliver." But no, this movie doesn’t deliver anything but a good shock for about 10 minutes. After that, the worthlessness sets in and I couldn’t seem to get past the high school drama team they hired to "act" in this movie. At times, the script is so corny that this movie makes the "Jason" movies look like literary works of genius. Also, the pacing is terrible (I fell asleep, if that’s any hint). The use of nudity is odd and unconventional; I can’t seem to decide whether it is fighting social biases against male nudity, or if the director is simply fascinated with the male organ. Either way, it is disturbing.If Hollywood would hire a REAL director, have the screenplay …

Anderson changed the name of his dark comedy to "Very Special Ed" to avoid the confusion with an awful movie also produced in 1998 with the same title of "Detention." This has lead to major confusion, and may be part of the reason that this great film has had problems securing a decent distribution deal.The other problem was the Columbine High School murders, which scared the chickens at the studios away from touching this bold film.It sad, this is one of the best independent films made in the decade, and Andy Anderson has the rare insight as both a writer and director to respect his audience’s intelligence, while making a very funny film. "Very Special Ed" is a thinking comedy, instead to a moronic film for teenagers. It is a rare film indeed.

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