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Genres: Comedy , Drama
Actors: Greg Mottola , Jeff Mazzola , Dick Mingalone , Vladimir Bibic , Melanie Griffith , Francisco Quidjada , Aleksa Palladino , Dan Moran , Peter Castellotti , A. Lee Morris , Douglas McGrath , Kenneth Branagh , Maurice Sonnenberg , Winona Ryder , Craig Ulmschneider
Director: Woody Allen
Country: United States
Year: 1998
IMDB Rating: 6.2/10 (14422 votes)

Lee Simon, unsuccessful journalist and wanna-be novelist, tries to get a foot into the door with celebrities. After divorcing his wife Robin, Lee gets to meet a lot folks of the rich and / or beautiful, partly through journalism, partly because he has a script to offer. But life among those from out-of-this-world is hard, and his putative success always results in defeat. Meanwhile Robin meets a very desirable TV-producer and takes the first steps in the world of celebrities herself. Written by Julian Reischl “Ho compiuto quarant’anni. Non voglio svegliarmi a cinquanta per scoprire di aver misurato la mia vita a cucchiaini di caffè”, afferma sconsolato il protagonista, giornalista di moda e spettacolo col pallino del romanzo o della sceneggiatura, lasciando improvvisamente la moglie per correr dietro a nuove ed a volte improbabili fidanzate. Commedia tutta ‘alleniana’, con grandi momenti comici (esilarante la “lezione di sesso orale”) e grandi stangate polemiche sul mondo dello spettacolo, mostrato senza peli sulla lingua da chi, in fondo, lo vive e lo conosce molto bene. In fondo, quell’ HELP scritto in cielo (film nel film) con cui inizia e finisce CELEBRITY è il grido d’aiuto di un uomo e di un autore ancora in cerca di qualcosa. Riuscirà nell’intento ?

Film Review

What makes Woody Allen so good (besides the witty dialogues) is the striking way in which he failed (and to a lesser extent succeeded) customers can bring in pictures. Often Allen's films run the relations piece for reasons you often hear around you. The power of him is that he often credible and interesting to capture on film.In Celebrity, it is not about nothing, but it is about something… the fraud of celebrity existence, having relationships in this world, no longer appreciating your current relationship, falling in love with another, or rather thinking that you are in love with another. For me, Woody a great director who knows me regularly to laugh at, but also knows how to intrigue with his outlook on relationships between people / loved ones and know me in a fresh way to point out the common pitfalls.Normally I find Woody himself comfortably in the lead in his films, but in Celebrity, he made a good choice to give the role to someone else. Woody namely fits less in the w…

Normally Woody Allen movies get a very high rating on this website – even though they aren’t always the easiest to watch – and when I saw that this movie only got a 6.2/10, I was a bit reluctant to give it a try. I’m not too familiar with the man’s work yet, but what I’ve seen so far was OK. Now that I’ve seen it, I’m puzzled about the fact why this movie doesn’t score any better, because in my opinion it really wasn’t that bad. One thing that worked well for instance was the story.Lee Simon hasn’t got a successful career. He has always been a journalist, but what he really wants is to become a famous writer. He has already published two novels – both were sabred down by the press – and has finished a movie script. After divorcing his wife Robin, he tries to meet as many rich people and celebrities, models,… as he can, but he isn’t all that successful in that either. In the meantime his ex-wife meets a very desirable TV-producer and takes her first steps in the world of celebrities,…

A lot of people like this film – and indeed, I suppose it could be argued that there are a number of things that work in its favour – however, for me, it is easily the worst Woody Allen film that I have so far seen, and I own 28 of them. Call it a matter of personal taste, but the main problem I had with the film was the complete lack of interest in any of the characters or the situations that they find themselves in; with Allen creating a shambolic, Fellini inspired freak show filled with grossly caricatured pantomime players parading from one scene to the next with no thought or feeling. When you think about the ideas behind the film, this particular presentation becomes almost genius (albeit, unintentionally so) and should have really led to some wicked satire on the nature of celebrity and the lengths that people will go to in order to maintain it. Unfortunately however, the film fails to build on this premise and becomes disengaging; largely because it has absolutely nothing of i…

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