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Genres: Comedy , Short
Actors: Curly Howard , Larry Fine , Moe Howard
Director: Jules White
Country: United States
Year: 1939
IMDB Rating: 7.3/10 (187 votes)

The stooges run a pet hospital and get an important patient, Garcon, a rich ladies poodle. When dognappers posing as reporters steal the poodle, the boys are in a tough spot. First they try to fool their client by disguising a mutt as the poodle. When that doesn’t work, they use the mutt as a bloodhound to track down the crooks. When they discover the bad guys hideout, Curly defeats them in a fight and they find Garcon, only to discover that “he” has had a litter of puppies.

Film Review

Sometimes something is just funny, no matter how many times you see it. I defy any of you reading this to tell me something funnier than 3 guys eye-gouging, slapping, hitting each other over the head with mallets and verbally assaulting each other, or, most importantly, skewering the sensibilities of the upper classes who were frequently the unintended (intended?) victims of their mayhem. I'm willing to bet that most of you who are reading this have seen "Calling All Curs" numerous times, and know it line for line, so there's no need to explain it to you. I just wanted to call to your attention one of the all-time great lines to slip past the censor: Moe and Larry are looking at a dog. Larry turns to Moe and asks, "Is that a cocker (cock or) spaniel?" Moe's deadpan reply, "I think it's a spaniel." This one's a must-see just for that, but the rest is forever cool, too.

Calling All Curs (1939) stars Moe, Larry and Curly as veterinarians who must save a dog (Garcon) from it’s kidnappers.Curly is at his best in this one. He does a very very funny bit with dog bones biting his nose. How can you not like that?It’s a solid short, also a clip of this was in Lethal Weapon! Mel Gibson is a HUGE stooges fan. He was responsible for the ABC made-for-television movie about The Three Stooges’ rise and somewhat screw job by Columbia.

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