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Genres: Drama
Actors: Alexis Wawerka , Harold Levy , Nik Goldman , Arved Birnbaum , Avner Aizendorf , Uwe Boll , Friedhelm Gärtner , Maximilian Gärtner
Director: Uwe Boll
Country: Germany, Canada
Year: 2011
IMDB Rating: 3.5/10 (642 votes)

Film Review

I've had the chance to watch a screener today. This is not Schindler's List. It's not a movie for entertainment but to remember genocide that still happens today.This play starts with a documentary and ends with a documentary that is 45 minutes long. In the actual movie, which is about 30 minutes long, you see a train arriving at a concentration camp, and then you see every detail until the Nazis kill the inmates. You see, hear and can almost feel the people choke in the Gas in every detail. The movie shows shocking images of how it could have been back then in Auschwitz.In the movie part, Uwe Boll is playing a Nazi Guard and he plays his role just as if he would work in a School, Kindergarten or Prison, with total normality as if what he's doing as a Nazi Guard is normal work. There is dialogues between the Nazi guards that I found mostly realistic. They have normal problems and small talk just like anybody else and are not the typical Hollywood-type of bad guys.B…

You would think, that someone, who made it his goal to show how Auschwitz really was, would at least try to find out, well, how it really was and do some research, but no, not Uwe Boll. I'm a becoming history teacher, so forgive me, if I expect from a movie, that wants to show how it was, to actually show how it was.So where do I begin, I just make a list of things, that were wrong. This list is not complete, but these things just stuck in my mind after seeing these "movie": 1. There is 0 indication from the movie alone (if we ignore its title), that it plays in Auschwitz. It could have been easily played at Majdanek for example) The only indication, that this plays in Auschwitz, is the presence of these wire net columns in the gas chamber, but of course, those things worked and looked completely different than in the movie and the gas chamber looked nothing like the real ones in Krema II or III. The size was wrong, the position of the wire net columns was wrong, their …

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