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Genres: Animation , Family , Sport
Actors: Gilda Radner , Billy Crystal , Harry Shearer , Michael Fremer
Director: Steven Lisberger
Country: United States
Year: 1980
IMDB Rating: 6.2/10 (1144 votes)

Animalympics is all about the Animal Olympics Contest where all the animals around the world gather to take part in everything from skiing in North America to the very long marathon race in humid conditions. With lively music provided by Graham Gouldman, the film is very different to other cartoons, being more of a drama-comedy than cartoon. With a turtle hosting the proceedings and a killer whale competing against a sting ray in the swimming competition.

Film Review

I found this film, on a whole, highly enjoyable. The soundtrack by 10CC really compliments the film.One major letdown, though was the glaringly inconsistent animation styles. At some points, the characters and backgrounds are very slick pretty well-drawn (such as characters like Dean Wilson). At others, the whole execution of the animation is pretty sloppy-almost as if a five-year old kid had animated it! Certainly not up to Disney standards.All criticism aside, this cartoon is a perfect way to kill a few hours of time.

I have watched this movie so many times, I still watch it to this day. The character impersonations are great, and the athletes are a real trip, too. And for 1979, the animators did a great job with the movie! Definitely a recommended movie for all young and old!

I think the word ‘cheesy’ can either be an awesome thing or a painfully awful thing. In this movie, it’s awesome! ‘Animalympics’ screams the classic cheesy-ness late ’70s, complete with a mostly soft rock soundtrack (which I really love). I saw it quite a bit when it was aired on Disney Channel time and time again during the early-to-mid ’90s. I haven’t seen it on TV in quite a while sadly.This movie really sparked my imagination, nearly as much as ‘Yellow Submarine’ did. Sure, talking animals weren’t new in 1979, but I don’t think they’ve ever had so much personality! All the characters were some of the best developed I’d ever seen in a movie.’Animalympics’ is most entertaining before the very ending (after that, it’s a tad saggy as the events get less interesting). I think the summer game events are some of the best in the whole movie, and the boxing scenes with the nod to Muhammad Ali are a laugh riot. The voices are brilliant! Gilda Radner and Billy Crystal were awesome in this m…

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