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Genres: Horror
Actors: Eriko Satô , Haruhiko Katô , Chiharu Kawai , Rie Kuwana , Kazuyuki Matsuzawa , Kaori Sakagami , Sakina Kuwae , Yûto Kawase , Rio Nakamura , Ryoko Takizawa , Saaya , Runa Okada , Rio Iguchi , Mei Tanaka , Yui Matsuda
Director: Kôji Shiraishi
Country: Japan
Year: 2007
IMDB Rating: 5.6/10 (604 votes)

Film Review

Alright, this has to be one of my favorite movies of all time. True Japanese film at its best, I'd say. It's pretty predictable, my friend and I (who watched it together because she was too scared to watch it alone) guessed that the siblings had been killed by the mother. I mean really; an abusive mother, then the children 'dissapear'? Kind of obvious, I'd say. But still a great movie.The ending was also kind of unfinished. Cause it left the slit-mouthed woman still out there. And I'm not sure if there's a sequel, but if there is, it's probably going to be similar to The Ring duology. They could've ended it with the first one, but just HAVE to make a second. I was mad when the teachers daughter died, cause she was cute, and they finally had a happy ending, but then the stupid woman had to come along! I think she wasn't destroyed because it wasn't her son who ended up slitting her throat, was it? It was the woman teacher, I believe. Also,did …

When I moved to South Korea a few years back, I heard about the Red Mask urban legend and discovered this movie. Based on the urban legend I was really stoked to see this movie. Great concept but failed to deliver on everything. There were no scenes that made me jump out of my chair like "Paranormal Activity" or Blair Witch did.What really upset me was the fact, the male school teacher helped in the hunt, but he was a girly man and the sliced mouth woman moved slow as molasses yet he got his butt whipped. An average man would have kicked her butt based on how slow she moved. There was also a scene where a boy sees his mother killed, yet he has no psychological trauma from the experience at all.If you want to watch some good Japanese movies, watch the Ring or Battle Royale, The All Night series, watch anything else but this movie. You'll want 90 minutes of your life back after watching this movie

If this would have been released before The Ring and the plethora of Asian movies that went on the same formula, I would have said it was average. A story that is slightly original and a factor of fear and hopelessness that could have made this a watchable, maybe even good horror movie, with low production values, probably because of budget limitations.However, the film being released in 2007, I can only say that the bad acting and the low production values made this film below average. The story was simply suffocated by the fakeness of it all. The few good things in the movie I can now assume that were cloned off of successful Japanese horror films and dismiss them altogether.Bottom line: ridiculous as this sounds, this story would (in my mind) have created a great movie. However this version was just a fail.

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