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Genres: Drama
Actors: Paul Stephen , Rosemary Dunsmore , Martin Roach , Rudy Webb , Sandi Ross , John Stamos , Sean Patrick Thomas , Ron C. Jones , David Oyelowo , Bill Nunn , Justin Martin , Phylicia Rashad , Audra McDonald , Sanaa Lathan , Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs
Director: Kenny Leon
Country: United States
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 6.7/10 (865 votes)

After moving to Chicago’s South Side in the 1950s, a black family struggles to deal with poverty, racism, and inner conflict as they strive for a better life. Adapted for the screen from Lorraine Hansberry’s play, this is a moving portrait of dreams deferred.

Film Review

I would have given it 10 stars but Diddy Combs couldn't act opposite the other actors cast in the movie. He was just out of his league. The rest of the cast was great. He should of played a lesser role and cast someone else with an acting background to play Walter. Walters character was too complex for his skill set. He tried too hard and doesn't know how to bring out his emotion naturally, he tries to push it out. Overall the movie is a great movie. The women in the movie just smoothly flow as though they are not acting but really lived in that time period. The facial expression of the women and the body language during the scenes speak volumes and the words they speak just add to the depth of their characters. Diddy does have some great flashed of acting such as when he tells his family he is going to take the money from the white man and they should move. The next scene with Ms Rashad and Ms Lathan where she tells Ms. Lathan not to judge Walter so harshly is mind blowing….

This entry of the 2008 TV movie version of Lorraine Hansberry's play "A Raisin in the Sun" that just aired on ABC four days ago, is my final entry on African-Americans in film and television in chronological order for Black History Month. Nearly the entire cast of the recent Broadway revival of this still-resonant drama-Phylicia Rashad, Sean Combs, Audra McDonald, Sanaa Lathan, and Bill Nunn-reprise their roles here. They're all great as well as Sean Patric Thomas, David Oyelowo, Paul Stephen, and, as Carl Linder-the man who tries to buy the Youngers out of their new house, John Stamos. Rashad and McDonald, both of whom won Tonys for their performances, should repeat at the Emmys this fall. Combs, usually known as Puff Daddy/P. Diddy/Diddy, holds his own with the experienced veterans here. Scenes such as Rashad slapping daughter Lathan after the latter denounces God or Combs doing his "shufflin' Negro" act near the end to everyone's disgust still pa…

Although this version of A Raisin In The Sun doesn't come up to the first film version which contained many of the original Broadway cast, the 2008 reenactment can certainly stand on its own. Wisely the producers left the time as it was in the late Fifties on the cutting edge of the Civil Rights movement.I doubt you could do a modern version of A Raisin In The Sun with the election of Barack Obama. But that fact lends a certain poignancy to this production. One only wishes that Lorraine Hansberry had lived to see Election Day of 2008. Her work now inherits the mantle of history.Some things haven't changed though. The Younger family if they were around today would still be experiencing some of the same economic issues. And making the big family decision about what to do with the $10,000.00 in insurance money that the recently departed Walter Lee Younger Sr. provided for his family.The conflict centers around Sean Combs as Walter Lee Younger, Jr. and his mother Phylicia Rashad…

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