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Genres: Fantasy , Mystery , Western
Actors: Tony Randall , Barbara Eden , Arthur O’Connell , John Ericson , Noah Beery Jr. , Lee Patrick , Minerva Urecal , John Qualen , Frank Kreig , Peggy Rea , Eddie Little Sky , Royal Dano , Argentina Brunetti , John Doucette , Dal McKennon
Director: George Pal
Country: United States
Year: 1964
IMDB Rating: 7.0/10 (2439 votes)

An old Chinese gentleman rides into the town of Abalone, Arizona and changes it forever, as the citizens see themselves reflected in the mirror of Lao’s mysterious circus of mythical beasts.

Film Review

7 Faces of Dr. Lao is directed by George Pal and adapted to screenplay by Charles Beaumont from Charles G. Finney's book The Circus of Dr. Lao. It stars Tony Randall, Arthur O'Connell, John Ericson, Noah Beery Junior, Royal Dano and Barbara Eden. Music is by Leigh Harline and cinematography by Robert J. Bronner.The town of Abalone, Arizona, and the mysterious Dr. Lao (Randall) arrives announcing that his circus will be playing in Abalone for two nights only. The town is going through change and scheming rancher Clinton Stark (O'Connell) is suddenly trying to buy up all the land. Could Dr. Lao's arrival be connected? By the time this special circus is over all will be revealed and Abalone and its residents will never be the same again.I see your remaining days as a tedious collection of hours full of useless vanities.There aren't many fantasy/western hybrids out there, of the few there is, 7 Faces of Dr. Lao is the most enjoyable. Simple in plot, structure and …

Charles G. Finney's book "The Circus of Dr. Lao" becomes a near tour de force for Tony Randall, here playing a succession of roles and obviously enjoying himself immensely. A western town full of rowdies is perplexed by a visit from a traveling circus show, where magic is the order of the day. George Pal production looks terrific (especially in widescreen) and the costumes, special effects, and make-up tricks are each first-rate. However, there's not much going on at the center of the story–and we don't feel much for the mysterious Dr. Lao (nothing is at stake for him, he's too chattily self-assured). The supporting cast is mainly around to fill up seats in the theater, though Barbara Eden looks very attractive and there are some great western character actors on-board, including Douglas Fowley and Dal McKennon. The art direction and production design are very handsome and almost save the show. As for Randall, he's intentionally over-the-top, full o…

I'll start off by letting you know,I'm not going to re-hash the story in my review. Everyone's pretty much covered it,so I'll just hit what were the highlights for me. First of all,I grew up with "The Odd Couple" reruns in the early 1980s,on channel 5 here in Phoenix,AZ. I loved what Tony & Jack did together. So I was sad when I heard about Tony's passing and was compelled to read Mr. Klugman's book "Tony and Me". In the book,Jack recommends seeing,"The 7 faces Of Dr. Lao",calling it "a rare gem". He is certainly correct. I had never even heard of or seen this movie anywhere,anytime or anyplace in my life,which I find odd. Anyhow,I think what sets a person up to watch this movie is you think it's going to be another typical "western". (It couldn't be anyway,it's set in the early 1900's). With Lao's riding in on a horse with a goldfish bowl in the saddle,you know it's goin…

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