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Genres: Film-Noir , Thriller
Actors: Robert Mitchum , Faith Domergue , Claude Rains , Maureen O’Sullivan , Charles Kemper , Ralph Dumke , Billy House , Harry Shannon , Philip Van Zandt , Jack Kelly , Lillian West
Director: John Farrow
Country: United States
Year: 1950
IMDB Rating: 6.7/10 (1052 votes)

One night at the hospital, young doctor Jeff Cameron meets Margo, who’s brought in after a suicide attempt. He quickly falls for her and they become romanticly involved, but it turns out that Margo is married. At a confrontation, Margo’s husband accidentally gets killed and Jeff and Margo flee. Heading for Mexico, they try to outrun the law.

Film Review

This is one of these films noirs in which we find the true femme fatale. Perhaps the good doctor may seem a bit naive not to have noticed how much his companion is irrational,impulsive,in a word disturbing;he is a doctor,all the same!But the sequence when he is telling a young patient a bedtime story shows that this man (Robert Mitchum was a good choice) has kept his child's soul.It wouldn't have worked with a tough self-assured physician.SPOILERS A road movie,with plenty of events (including a forced wedding);a descent to hell for the hero who realizes that ,like Alice ,he has fallen into a bottomless well .In the last sequences,he can't stand anymore (not only physically).In spite of a happy end (which makes sense for the hero did not commit any crime),this story of a fall of an honest man depicts the other side of the mirror.And after the dream (or the nightmare) the hero finds back his safe milieu.

This movie is OK, but only OK and the acting about the same, the direction is OK too, but the story! Far fetched, laughable, ridiculous and verging on an insult to the audience's intelligence, this is of course just about kept afloat due to the efforts of Robert Mitchum (plus a fine cameo from Claude Rains). Even Mitchum has difficulty with some of the lines and actions and how he kept a straight face throughout must have been down to several takes. During the long scene towards the end when he has to stagger down the stairs and onto the street, I really felt for him because all that effort for a scene so stupid it was again laughable. Still, there is Mitchum, there is (briefly) Claude Rains and of course for a film based on such a daft idea, it has to turn out to be just that bit different.

Robert Mitchum is a doctor called Jeff Cameron who falls for his patient.Faith Domergue plays the woman, Margo, who's been brought in after a suicide attempt.Soon he finds out she's married to a man she previously called her father.Frederick Lannington, played by Claude Rains, is a sadistic man.He ends up dead after he gets into a fight with the drunken Jeff.But did he do it? She decides they run away together, all the way to Mexico.Where Danger Lives (1950) is a good film noir directed by John Farrow.The leading stars do a great job.Maureen O'Sullivan is terrific as Julie Dawn.This film noir has enough suspense to keep you interested.It brings some extra quality to the film with Mitchum's character having a brain concussion. It almost hurts to watch the man's battle.

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