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Genres: Drama , Thriller
Actors: Vinnie Jones , Derek Jacobi , Julie Cox , Vanessa Redgrave , Jason Flemyng , P.H. Moriarty , Mel Smith , Vera Day , Mark Asante , Matt Bailey , Daniel Bartlett , Vincent Bishop , Barbara Edwards , ‘Long Bob’ Elvin , John Enright
Director: Brendan Foley
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2007
IMDB Rating: 5.2/10 (1567 votes)

An ambitious London sports journalist, an enigmatic tramp and a police press officer team up to solve a series of murders that follow the discovery of an unpublished manuscript by Charles Dickens in a present day Thames-side pub. Written by Anon The Riddle: Smart contemporary London mystery thriller with a Dickensian twist. When the London landlady of a Thames-side pub is murdered following her discovery of an unpublished Charles Dickens manuscript in her pub cellar, an unusual trio team up to investigate. Mike is an ambitious tabloid sports reporter determined to make a name for himself as an investigative journalist. He is helped by Kate, a police press officer and by an eccentric beach-combing tramp who stalks the Thames foreshore at low tide. Together they track down the manuscript and as they study it we are transported back into the world of Charles Dickens. Mike becomes obsessed with solving not just the modern murder, but also a century-old killing described in the pages of the long lost book. Only when they unlock the riddle of the manuscript are they able to solve the present-day crime, facing opposition along the way from a greedy detective, a self-important publisher and a ruthless construction company boss.

Film Review

What more can I add? This is without doubt one of the worst films I've ever seen. Terrible acting, a daft script, tediously slow pace – even visible microphones dangling from the top of the screen. I could go on, but I really can't be bothered. I watched this for 90 minutes before the sense of losing the will to live became too great for me.I can only assume that the first set of comments and votes were from people associated with the promotion of this insult to British film-making.And worst still, I had to buy the Mail on Sunday to get it šŸ™‚ The only reason the DVD hasn't now been redeployed as a coaster is that it now takes pride of place in my Top 10 Worst Films Ever collection.Definitely one to be avoided.

THE RIDDLE was written and directed by Brendan Foley in what appears to be an attempt to pull the mysteries of the Charles Dickens' novels into a contemporary story, but that attempt is thwarted by electing to use the two periods of time format in which the 'riddle' is unraveled. Despite a cast of well-known actors, trying their best to pull off this direct to DVD movie, the end product is a long, tedious, amateurish mess that can only be considered as entertainment if viewers are fans of the cast as remembered from other films. Mike Sullivan (Vinnie Jones) is a journalist confined to reporting on dog racing events while he dreams of important reporting assignments. A series of similar murders happens to include an old friend of Mike's – Sadie (Vera Day) who runs a pub on the banks of the Thames, having just discovered an old valuable unpublished manuscript by Charles Dickens, and has a heart of gold, giving sandwiches away to such pathetic creatures as an old tramp be…

Ever notice how so many really bad films attract so many 10/10 votes? Not much of a Riddle how that happens, but this is not much of a film. There are two ways of looking at it being given away in the Mail On Sunday.1. It's free, so you can't complain about it to much. 2. It's free, so it can't be much good.My vote is number 2. The free DVD in the Sunday papers things is a recent trend and some great old movies have been given away. They're ones that have been out for ages and have made most of the money they'll ever make, so it's a case of anything else is a bonus. It's the last stop for old films, not the first for new ones, so you can guess how bad this must be to skip TV and DVD rental.The plus points are that Vinnie Jones does try hard and Derek Jacobi is good as Dickens. The minus points are a longer list. Trying isn't the same as succeeding for poor Vinnie and Jacobi's other tramp character is talkative ham that's gone off. The story …

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