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Genres: Action , Crime , Drama
Actors: Ron O’Neal , Carl Lee , Sheila Frazier , Julius Harris , Charles McGregor , Nate Adams , Polly Niles , Yvonne Delaine , Henry Shapiro , K.C. , James G. Richardson , Make Bray , Al Kiggins , Bob Bonds , Fred Rolaf
Director: Gordon Parks Jr.
Country: United States
Year: 1972
IMDB Rating: 6.2/10 (2976 votes)

Super Fly is a cocaine dealer who begins to realize that his life will soon end with either prison or his death. He decides to build an escape from the life by making his biggest deal yet, converting the coke to cash and running off to start a new life. The problem is that the Mob does not have a retirement plan and will give him a choice of staying and selling for them or dying if they find out his intentions. Written by John Vogel Priest is a drug dealer, who wants to quit. But before he does, he tries to make one last big score. To do that he needs 30 kilos. Now he goes around trying to find someone who can provide him with it and someone offers but the only problem is the person who is providing him, expects him to go on dealing for him. So he makes plans to escape.

Film Review

Priest is a hustling coke-pusher in Harlem with a plan to make one last big score and quit the business. Will he make it, and what kind of life is waiting for him ? A little context here first. The unfairly maligned blaxploitation movement of the early seventies was kickstarted by Melvin Van Peebles seminal Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song and produced a lot of great, gritty, low-budget action dramas (my personal favourite is Friday Foster) starring exciting actors like Richard Roundtree, Pam Grier, Tamara Dobson, Antonio Fargas and Fred Williamson. The pivotal film was Gordon Parks’ 1971 classic Shaft, but almost as important is Superfly, made a year later by Parks’ son, and featuring a standout performance by O’Neal as the supercool, cocaine-snorting, Panama-hat-wearing, Cadillac-Eldorado-driving, philosophical man-with-a-plan. It strikes just the right balance between slice-of-life drama, as Priest examines who’s exploiting whom, his position, his limitations and his reasons for w…

Superfly is not a great movie, perhaps not even a good movie, but as far as the onslaught of blaxploitation films were concerned in the early 70’s, this rates as one of the best. All the trashy, campy elements are in place poor camera-work, long boring shots, over-the-top acting, bad script…But, for some odd reason, it all seems to add to the flavor of the movie. Ron O’Neal is perfect as superfly; cool, slick, and totally bad-ass. Curtis Mayfield’s intense, moody score is the films best attribute and makes the film stand out much more than it should. Not a morality tale at all, but a lot of fun to watch. *** out of ****Some other to check out… Shaft (1971) *** Shaft’s Big Score (1972) *** Coffy (1973) *** Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song (1971) *** Blacula (1972) ** Mack, The (1973) **

This gritty, low budget film offers a unique and honest perspective on the underworld of black street life in the early 1970s, with an almost tragic, Shakepearian, bent. The look, the feel and language of the culture and the almost real-time look street life in NYC of that era is truly unmatched by any film before or since. Perhaps through genius, inspiration, maybe just plain luck, or all three, the producers and director hit the nail right on the head. Starring an excellent, intelligent cast of professional thespians, some with impressive stage and film credentials, and augmented by a wonderful infusion of genuine non-professionals right from the street in key roles, the film has an honesty and gritty reality that belies its budgetary constraints. Filmed largely without the permission of local authorities and unions, in winter and often after dark, it has a cinema verite feel throughout; almost a documentary. And the score! Composed and performed by Curtis Mayfield, it is as close t…

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