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Genres: Action , Crime , Thriller
Actors: Denzel Washington , John Lithgow , Ice-T , Kevin Pollak , Lindsay Wagner , Mary Ellen Trainor , Josh Evans , Victoria Dillard , John Amos , John Cothran Jr. , Linda Dona , Matt Landers , Lydell M. Cheshier , Starletta DuPois , Sherman Howard
Director: Russell Mulcahy
Country: United States
Year: 1991
IMDB Rating: 5.9/10 (8837 votes)

In this action thriller, Denzel Washington plays Nick Styles, the assistant district attorney of L.A. The film opens in his early days as a cop on the L.A.P.D. During a carnival, master criminal Earl Talbot Blake creates a scene after a botched drug deal. Styles and Blake confront each other, during which Blake is wounded by Styles and later sent to prison. Seven years later, Blake escapes from prison during a parole board hearing to carry out his revenge against Styles, and what follows is a violent series of events that destroys Styles’ career. This sets the stage for one last bloody duel between Styles and Blake.

Film Review

Ricochet is an intense movie that stars Denzel Washington,John Lithgow,and Ice-T!I really don’t want to say much in case you haven’t seen it. I will point out a few things though.Lithgow really steals the show here as he puts on a great performance as a very mean villain!There is one small sex scene and a little nudity in a bard but it really doesn’t show it that long.The music is excellent by Alan Silvestri!I love it when the haunting music starts when Lithgow shows up in some scenes.There are some really intense moments.Jesse Ventura is in the film for a while and boy does his character look different than his others in previous movies.Washington and Ice-t were very good.Anyway it a cool film directed by Russell Mulcahy!If you haven’t seen Ricochet before than now is the time to check it out!

Aside from being adept flick with so intense elements, it's most of all important. Whereas it's a climax for all the chain of the blockbusters that (Steven E. de Souza) wrote at the whole 1980s : (48 Hrs. – 1982), (Commando – 1985), (The Running Man – 1987), (Die Hard – 1988), (Die Hard 2 – 1990), and further than that it sets, in the same time, a new personality for the action, thriller movies in Hollywood during more than 10 years ahead.Look closer. Why the need for seeing (Denzel Washington) stripping to his underwear or setting nude among his buddies at the locker room in the police station (let me put the !! before the ??). The answer is : simply to attract the ladies. Millions of them. Add to that one adventurous noble hero, one so smart so maniac criminal who kills only in uniquely fierce ways (a character that the whole decade will be very fond of), plus the horrible language, the continuous action, the unstoppable killings, and the truly explosive pace, then you&#x2…

I don't know what other people were expecting. This was supposed to be a popcorn flick not a movie made to win Oscars. The story is simple enough Denzel Washington plays Nick Styles, a cop/attorney who busts a psychopath named Earl Talbot Blake(John Lithgow) at a drug ring gone sour. Earl Blake plots his revenge on Nick Styles in jail and escapes from prison. From then on, he systematically destroys Nick Styles life and has everyone questioning Nick's sanity.The storyline is not bad and Denzel does a great job as usual. John Lithgow is perfect as Earl Blake and its probably his best role since the scared flight attendant in Twilight Zone: The Movie. His villain is a throwback in the days when villains were villains and not these craven new age geeks who tap on laptops and run from confrontation as far away as possible. Kevin Pollak is decent enough as Nick's partner Harry. Ice-T plays Odessa(and who the hell names a man Odessa?), the man who helps Nick Styles take down Bla…

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