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Genres: Horror , Sci-Fi
Actors: Marshall Thompson , Shirley Patterson , Kim Spalding , Ann Doran , Dabbs Greer , Paul Langton , Robert Bice , Richard Benedict , Richard Hervey , Thom Carney , Ray Corrigan
Director: Edward L. Cahn
Country: United States
Year: 1958
IMDB Rating: 6.0/10 (2198 votes)

In 1973, the first manned expedition to Mars is marooned; by the time a rescue mission arrives, there is only one survivor: the leader, Col. Edward Carruthers, who appears to have murdered the others! According to Carruthers, an unknown life form killed his comrades during a sandstorm. But the skeptical rescuers little suspect that “it” has stowed away for the voyage back to Earth…

Film Review

As low-budget sci-fi flicks of the 50's go, 'It! The Terror from Beyond Space' is somewhere in the middle of the pack. It has its share of laughable moments and cringeworthy fifties stereotypes (the female doctors on board double as short-order cook and waitress), but the film also has a nice creepy moodiness to it and some genuine scares. Somewhere between 'Day the Earth Stood Still' and 'Plan 9 from Outer Space' is my best estimate. The movie's main latterday notoriety stems from its having a similar plot to 'Alien.' Reading some of the other comments here, one would think these other filmgoers had stumbled across the B-movie equivalent of the Rosetta Stone. But a couple of points need to be made. The fact a recent movie borrows from a much older one is hardly big news. It's the answer to a trivia question. The two films are vastly different in many ways. Sheer quality, for one. 'Alien' is a modern-day classic, with great ensemble …

Ever seen the movie Alien directed by Sir Ridley Scott? Well, It! The Terror From Beyond Space is essentially a 1950s version. The plot is heavily similar to Alien, a spaceship is sent to an alien planet (in this case Mars) and ends up with a deadly stow-away, the big green alien hides in the air ducts and vents (like in Alien) and picks off the crew slowly. Eventually attempts to kill it are made but this is one resilient B-Movie alien, as bullets, grenades, and poison gas all seem ineffective, even dosages of radiation that would make Oppenheimer turn in his grave fail to phase the creature.The film has relatively low budget special effects as is to be expected but I found the characters interacted relatively well and there was a real feeling of being aboard this ship with this crew fighting for survival.An excellent B-Movie that sets up a formula for later Sci-Fi makers like Scott to perfect upon. Recommended to anyone who doesn't mind old fashioned Sci-Fi at its finest.

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