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Genres: Drama , Music
Actors: Julia Migenes , Plácido Domingo , Ruggero Raimondi , Faith Esham , François Le Roux , John-Paul Bogart , Susan Daniel , Lillian Watson , Jean-Philippe Lafont , Gérard Garino , Julien Guiomar , Accursio Di Leo , Maria Campano , Cristina Hoyos , Juan Antonio Jiménez
Director: Francesco Rosi
Country: France, Italy
Year: 1984
IMDB Rating: 7.3/10 (689 votes)

A film version of the famous Bizet opera, where a soldier (Don Jose) falls in love with a beautiful factory worker (Carmen), but she does not reciprocate his feelings.

Film Review

Prosper Merimee wrote the novella from which French composer, Georges Bizet, got his inspiration for his opera "Carmen". His work has long been a favorite of opera lovers that see in it an exciting time because of its magnificent music. Who hasn't been enchanted in hearing some of the famous arias from this work? The quality of the music is the main asset for its popularity.Francesco Rosi, a talented Italian director, and his collaborator, Tonino Guerra, a distinguished writer, long involved with his country's cinema, seemed the natural choices for translating Bizet's opera to the screen. Both succeeded in the way the adapted the material and took it to real locations for this extraordinary production.Carmen was a sultry woman who enchanted men with her beauty and with her passion for life. It's easy to see how she charms Don Jose, the military man, who loses his head because he has not met another woman like this beautiful Andalucian beauty. Their love will …

Julia Maginnes is enchanting, alluring. Her performance, compared with any other actress is first rate. Placido Domingo, as always, is a joy. Rather on stage, it is largely set in old Seville and gives the feel of authenticity. Its ashamed that non-opera lovers avoid such a film as this. Its the finest film in my collection. There's a reason that its in so much in demand that you have to pay hundreds for dollars for a new copy of the DVD. Its a rare treasure.Maginnes shines in this performance. Her smile would bring a strong man to his knees. Her moves are fluent and sexy. Her voice is strong and sexy. Domingo is a perfect fit for her with his sexy demeanor and beautiful tenor voice.Anyone who misses this movie misses a real treat.

It was a wonderful way to welcome in 2006: TFO presented this classic opera-film for my complete enjoyment. Francesco Rosi made some classic films in Italy (Salvatore Giuliano, The Mattei Affair) and he knows how to mix violence and passion with ravishing music. If Placido Domingo’s face doesn’t show very much of the emotion that boils below the surface, his voice is sublime. He was the best Don Jose I have ever heard.Julia Migenes would not be called beautiful, but she knows how to portray the sluttish and irresponsible sides of Carmen. You know this woman is not going to achieve lasting happiness because of her volatile, impulsive nature. Ruggero Raimondi as Escamillo shows why he could get women with animal magnetism. The parting of Jose and Carmen outside the arena is wonderfully poignant, a triumph of direction and acting.

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