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Genres: Western
Actors: Ray Milland , Mary Murphy , Ward Bond , Raymond Burr , Arthur Space , Lee Van Cleef , Alan Hale Jr. , Douglas Spencer , Thomas Browne Henry , Grandon Rhodes , Martin Garralaga , Kim Spalding , Howard Negley
Director: Ray Milland
Country: United States
Year: 1955
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 (291 votes)

A gunfighter, stranded in the desert, comes across the aftermath of a stage robbery, in which all the passengers were killed. He takes one of the horses to ride to town to report the massacre, but finds himself accused of it. He also finds himself accused of the murder of the local banker, and winds up hiding in the basement of a house where the local sheriff, who is very sick, lives with his daughter.

Film Review

Well above average film. The opening 30 minutes (in which Milland, our hero, doesn't say a word, despite being on screen most of the time)are particularly atmospheric. The film's strength comes from it's depiction of the harshness of the landscape and how this fact compromises the moral principles of several of the characters. We are shown a bleak, sandstorm-blown, yellow fever ridden, arid, uncompromising world where a fairly traditional western is played out. Ray Milland gives a good performance as the eponymous 'Man Alone', while his directing skills are less assured. Definitely worth watching, and a cut above most of the films in its genre.

That's right, folks, perhaps the most Hitchcockian western ever made, this one. Right from the first frames, the eye is very keen: first a doll in the dust, then a peek inside the stagecoach and watching only from the knees to chest, the body of the little girl killed in a holdup. Then a very clean direction of Milland in this tale of a man falsely accused of murder and yes, On The Run. Saboteur in the West or any of the others he had the gun running from the mob etc. And finding the woman who believes him against the rest who are chasing him. The only difference here is that Milland is a gunman, whereas Hitch usually used the blank hero, flawless and innocent, chaste and chased. Otherwise he fits the bill.No western made was ever quite like this, more of a suspense film than rawhide. And very interesting. Too bad Milland was never interviewed about its peculiarities.

Ray Milland makes use of his silent film experience to play the first half of this movie virtually without speaking. He plays the title character, a lonely man in ever sense as he finds a group of slain stagecoach passengers, is forced to kill the sheriff (Hale, Jr.), sees another man shot before his eyes, and ends up a man wanted for all the killings. A good commentary on human weakness in the "psychological" tradition, but it gets to talky and melodramatic in the second half.Good supporting cast headed by Burr, Murphy, and Bond hold up well to Milland’s straightforward playing and direction. A stark, fairly convincing western.

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